Takeaways From the CUW #WLIidentity Fall 2016 Panel Discussion

On Friday, November 18th, CUW students heard from five exceptional Christian women on how they gain confidence in who God made them to be. Our panelists, Tammy Ferry, Sonja Wall Kosberg, Kim Bueltmann, Anne Spahr, and Dana Outhouse; shared personal stories about the struggles and hardships they went through in college and throughout their lives and how much easier those times were with God helping them through them. It was a time for us to join together as women in Christ and celebrate our identities; who we are, in Him. We discussed how each of us have a fixed identity in Jesus Christ, and no matter what else is going on in our lives, who we are in Him remains constant.


Halfway through the evening, each panelist reached out to a table of girls and posed this question, “The devil can be described as our ‘identity thief’; what things does he tempt your identity with?” Some of the responses the ladies came up with included anxiety, toxic friends, controlling relationships, and peer pressure. These topics were challenging to discuss, but each panelist gave her words of wisdom on how she personally got through these struggles. By hearing that someone else went through the same problems, it makes it easier to tackle them because one knows that it does get easier and she will survive.


We also learned that identities do shift and change as our life goes on. Your identity can go from a daughter and sister to mother, wife, friend, etc. God knows exactly what we can handle and gives us everything we need. By leaning on Him, Christian women come to know who we are meant to be.

Rachel Ferry Left WLI Event Feeling Equipped and Supported


WLI hosted “Leaning in & Leaning On: A Christian Perspective” on CUAA’s campus in October 2016. It was my honor to attend this event, surrounded by Christian women of various generations and backgrounds.

Not only were the presenters inspiring, relevant, and uplifting; the women who attended were beyond willing to share openly and encourage one another enthusiastically. The event was most certainly God-breathed, and I left feeling equipped by His Word and supported by my sisters in Christ!

Rachel Ferry works at Concordia University Ann Arbor and attended her first WLI event in September 2015.