WLI is Developing a Program With a Lasting Impact

by Darcy Paape, WLI Director
September 12, 2019

Over the past year, the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) has taken a step back to think deeply about their purpose and strategy. We know that WLI is intergenerational and that mentoring is a tool we can activate to foster growth in ourselves and in others.  Not only do we as an organization want to better our mentoring craft, WLI desires to train others to mentor confidently as well.

In order for WLI to accomplish this goal an Intergenerational Mentoring Taskforce was formed to develop a program that could expand and adapt over time to meet a growing need and that could be accessible to a large number of people.  The taskforce is developing a workshop with downloadable content available.  It will also include an option to request an in-person facilitator to lead the group experience or a facilitator manual and participant’s guide that can be downloaded by a church’s staff member to use as they wish.

This workshop can be directly distributed to ministries and to our churches cutting costs dramatically for participants and equipping the largest number of women with intergenerational mentoring skills to serve their congregations and embolden them to connect with others in a variety of settings.

It will be a program WLI can build, and with congregational feedback, strengthen, and support long into the future.

The Program At a Glance: 

Growing Together: Cultivating A Mentoring Culture in Your Church

In a 2015 study conducted by the Outsight Network and funded by the Siebert Lutheran and Kern Family Foundations), a few key observances were drawn that deserve attention by church bodies.  First of all, Millennials struggle with identity, seek belonging first, and resist traditional church membership models.  Our young adults seek an authentic community and a sense of true belonging.  Our congregations can provide this setting as we grow together to follow Jesus Christ.

WLI seeks to foster intergenerational connections and mentoring opportunities using the Growing Together program to meet the needs of women of all ages looking to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Participants of the workshop will take time to understand and evaluate mentor qualities in themselves and their peers.  They will learn new skills in empathic listening and critical thinking, and be encouraged to think of current and potential relationships where they can apply the skills learned.  Finally, participants will have a chance to reflect on how some of these concepts can be applied to current ministries; so that, mentoring can become a greater part of the church’s culture.  The workshop will be titled Growing Together: Cultivating a Mentoring Culture in your Church. Subtitles will include: Section One: Digging In, Section Two: Shaping Up, and Section Three: Branching Out.

 We hope you see the potential fruit this program can foster in our congregations and will come alongside as a supporter or volunteer.  We have a little over 4,000.00 left to raise on our crowdfund and every dollar counts. Be a part of the legacy that mentoring can foster in our churches for years to come by donating today!

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2 thoughts on “WLI is Developing a Program With a Lasting Impact

  1. I think you are right on track with Mentoring Outreach. Something needs to happen within the church to counteract our culture. I am excited to lead your Bible Study, “Walking Together” this fall at our church. It coincides with our LWML group’s new project of mentoring young women in the church. The timing is perfect! I know it is all God’s doing, but I wanted to thank you for providing these excellent resources!

    1. Kristin, I am so glad to hear that this is meeting a need for you and we are really excited to launch out Growing Together Workshop also next fall! Let me know if there is any other way I can be of service! Sincerely, Darcy Paape darcy.paape@cuw.edu

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