Emboldened Defined

The meaning behind the word embolden is to give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way. In other words, to instill a boldness that allows them to act.

As Christians, our actions are a response to the love Christ has for us and we are God’s instruments to demonstrate this love to our fellow human beings. We are embolden because Christ died for us and rose again and now are free to serve others out of that love.

Martin Luther defines this work as our vocation (calling), the way God works through human beings to govern His creation and to bestow His gifts.” So, embolden through the lens of the Women’s Leadership Institute, is articulated best as Courage for the Calling.

It is through everyday people completing their necessary tasks that God chooses to work to provide and care for his people. God is at work in the woman who uses her gifting to lead an organization as a principal, executive leader, or public official. He uses the woman gifted to serve in the role of nurse, teacher, or in a church ministry position. And God uses the woman who stays home to serve her children and her family.

In other words, we live out our vocation by serving God wholeheartedly through the tasks we have been given to do. In so doing, Christ is introduced to our neighbor through us.

Emboldened through our mission and vision.

The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) seeks to educate, encourage, and embolden Christian women for exemplary leadership. When we use the word leadership, we mirror John Maxwell’s definition that, “Leadership is influence.” WLI’s vision is be a growing community of confident and competent Christian women leaders who serve and lead wherever God has placed them and who confront relevant issues with courage, truth, and love.

Emboldened to lead and serve in our vocations.

So what gives us courage to step out and serve in the places we can been called to lead and serve? That is an answer we hope to explore in the stories presented on our Embolden page, through our workshops and conferences, and the different ways WLI seeks to embolden women to step out into the places God is calling them to lead and serve.

Do you know someone with a story to tell? We are looking for women with strong faith who stepped out to help when it would have been easier to step back.

Maybe they were emboldened by a degree or a relationship, maybe it was a story of someone in need or a verse in scripture that cut straight to the heart? The point is they stepped out in faith knowing that God would equip then along the way. And their stepping out made a difference, small or large, for the kingdom of God. If you know such a woman, would you fill out our nomination form here? We would love to contact them to see if we can feature them and use their story to inspire others.

If you would like to help interview or edit these articles about women who found courage for the calling, please e-mail wli@cuw.edu.

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2 thoughts on “Emboldened Defined

  1. I have several such stories from starting a release-time Bible Study class at a public high school to surviving an attack as a teacher/coach.
    I’ve had some stories published in Lutheran Witness and LWML publications. I know keep a devotional blog.

    1. Hi Terri! Thanks for your comment, if you are interested in being involved with WLI as a content contributor, writer, or more please reach out on our contact page. We’d love to get connected with you!

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