Growing Together Mentoring Program Nearly Finished

by Dr. Susan Suleski
Communications Specialist, Office of Advancement
Growing Together Program Development Team Member

We are nearing the finish line with our Growing Together mentoring workshop materials and  guide!  Our committee has met virtually and via email on numerous occasions to finalize and tweak language, flow, and timing.

As you may recall, the goal in creating this workshop is  to re-frame mentoring in a way that encourages congregation members to view themselves as mentors by  equipping them with tools that boost their confidence  to step into mentoring relationships. Our second goal is  to connect congregation members in intergenerational  mentoring relationships that view mentoring as a process of experiencing and learning together.

Most recently, the committee has decided to offer three  suggested workshop sessions that enable participants to  focus on specific parts of the overall program. This enables leaders to spend more time on particular sections  of the workshop. The buyer will receive the workshop  materials in their entirety, but the breakout packages  will be offered as potential ways to utilize the program.

The three packages are:

  1. Mentoring Side by Side: The content will provide compelling reasons for participants to engage in  mentoring relationships within their community and  congregational settings. It will frame mentoring more  as “learning together and listening to one another,” and  less as one who is an expert and one as the apprentice.  This workshop content is best utilized in a day retreat  setting or in three separate-two hour sessions.
  2. Fostering Fruitful Conversations: Content will focus  on developing participant mentoring skills and is ideal  for those who desire to better their communication skills  with family, friends, and within intentional mentoring  relationships. This program content will focus on Fostering Fruitful Conversations using six I’s: Investigate,  Identify, Influence, Involve, Invest, and Impact. Concepts will be introduced and participants will practice  these skills in partner and group exercises. The work shop will conclude with an opportunity to brainstorm  how to implement mentoring practice into various  groups within the congregation.
  3. Let Your Mentoring Skills Take Shape: Content  provides a combination of the first two programs by  first providing a Scripture overview and introduction to  mentoring, and then diving into the skill practice that  incorporates the six I’s of Fostering Fruitful Conversations. Congregations will have an option of choosing  exercises that fit their group and goals best and spreads  content over a 10-hour weekend period.

Currently our designer is working on tying all of our  pieces together with a cohesive look.

Our next steps include:  

  1. Facilitator and Participant Manuals in final design  stage and review
  2. Final pieces approved and uploaded onto the Growing Together Online Course Website
  3. Virtual Facilitator Training and Workshop walk-throughs Scheduled (stay tuned for details later this Spring 2021).
  4. Launching of program Spring/Summer 2021

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