Let Your Mentoring Skills Take Shape

Are you ready to be the mentor God called you to be? Do you just need a little courage and direction?  We hear you and we are delivering the solution!

Growing Together: Let Your Mentoring Skills Take Shape is a 3-part intergenerational mentoring workshop we have designed with YOU in mind.  Growing Together can be easily facilitated in any group setting with our video and printed guides.  Participants will enjoy small and large group discussions, guided practice exercises, and opportunities to build confidence as you connect with others.

By participating in the Growing Together workshop, you will:

– Identify and discuss mentoring qualities in yourself and others.

– Practice and apply mentoring skills in role play and small group discussion.

– Evaluate opportunities to create a mentoring culture in your own church and community.

By the end of our Growing Together workshop, you’ll be armed with the courage, skills and a toolbox of resources you’ll need to initiate and grow mentoring relationships.  The goal of the workshop is to embolden you to step into mentoring connections as they arise and identify opportunities to cultivate a mentoring culture in your church and community at large.

Here is a taste of what you’ll be learning in each of the three sections of the Growing Together workshop:


Join us with your financial commitment to educate, encourage, and embolden participants for mentorship!

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The Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) seeks to educate, encourage and embolden Christian women for exemplary leadership. When we use the word leadership, we mirror John Maxwell’s definition that, “Leadership is influence.” WLI’s vision is to be a growing community of confident and competent Christian women leaders who serve and lead wherever God has placed them and who confront relevant issues with courage, truth, and love. In other words, to be women who shine brightly in the dark and encourage others to join in.