Gretchen Huesmann

Location: Pensacola, Florida

Gretchen Huesmann and her pastor-husband have been married for 29 years and have served the Lord in Washington, Idaho, Wisconsin, and now in Pensacola, Florida. She is eager to share God’s abundant love and unfolding plan for all no matter where He leads! Connecting people to Jesus through His Word is Gretchen’s greatest passion. With authenticity, dedication to Scripture, personal application, and the Holy Spirit’s leading, Gretchen will help your committee create a
memorable, relevant and fun event!
Gretchen’s other love is teaching our littlest learners about Jesus. As an Early Childhood Education graduate of Concordia University, Chicago, Gretchen has held teaching positions in both parochial and public settings. Gretchen has spoken for MOPS, LWML, WLI, Best Practices in Ministry (Phoenix and Indianapolis), and various women’s events. She has addressed educators at the Washington County EC Teacher’s Conference and was the keynote at the Wisconsin EC Director’s Conference. Gretchen and her husband have also been involved in PLI, including coaching pastors/wives in “Missional Leader” cohorts. Two of her articles can be found in the book The ABC’s of Food: A Study of Food as History, Story, Tradition, and Nutrition. See her most recent writing at Gretchen and her husband have raised 4 terrific children. She enjoys gardening, reading, walking, and resting on the beach.

Speaking Topics:

  • A Perfect Blend – What happens when God combines your personality and problems, mixes in your messes and mistakes, blends your bitter and sweet moments, and adds a heaping helping of the Holy Spirit? The result is a Royal recipe; a potion with a purpose. We will explore how God takes our imperfectlives and prepares a perfect blend, a drink offering to quench a thirsting world.
  • Digging into the Bible – God’s Word for your Life – The relevancy, inerrancy, and authenticity of the Bible is being challenged more than ever. Whether the Bible is new for you or an old friend, this talk will give you a fresh look at the Holy Scriptures. You’ll discover answers to questions such as “Who wrote the Bible? How do I know it’s true? Is it relevant for today? Is it relevant for me?”
  • Gardens of Faith – As women we are caretakers of many gardens–home, work, ministry, and more. Gretchen discusses the elements of garden care including tilling the soil, planting , and harvest in each area of our lives, scattering Scripture throughout.
  • Abide with Me – We’ll examine the Vine and branches of John 15. What does it mean to abide with Christ? The image of a cozy chair with Bible in one hand and our favorite coffee in another is a starting place. But dig a bit deeper and we find intimacy and fellowship with Christ we could never imagine!
  • Our Mess * His Masterpiece – Does your life resemble the serenity of a Claude Monet? Or is the surrealism of a Pablo Picasso a closer description of your world? When black and white are replaced by shades of grey…and colors fade, where does one find peace and purpose? In our sessions we will take a close look at where we began, and just what has added the myriad of color to our canvas. We’ll discover the plan and purpose of the Creator when He turns our mess into His masterpiece






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