Mary Eberhardt

As a lifelong member of the Lutheran Church, I have been the benefactor of many blessings; many facilitated by the organized church. Baptized as an infant and confirmed as a young teen, I received my elementary education and bachelor’s and master’s degrees thorough the educational system of the Lutheran church. I taught in Lutheran schools in Kansas and Wisconsin and retired after 25 years in undergraduate and graduate admission at Concordia University Wisconsin. With my husband, I am actively involved in many activities of my Grafton congregation.

Recognizing the wonderful things that can be accomplished as Christians band together to serve our Lord by serving our fellow sojourners on this earth, I have a preview of the many exciting results that will come from Christians banding together to work toward the goals of the Women’s Leadership Institute.

Life is changing rapidly in the 21st Century, and the WLI is here to assist women to step up to today’s challenges. I am excited to be part its efforts to equip women for Christian leadership.

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