Rachel Morton

Rachel Morton is a graduate of Concordia University Wisconsin’s speaker-badge-400pxMaster of Church Music program, serves as Assistant Worship Director at St. John’s Lutheran Church in West Bend, Wisconsin. She directs all traditional worship services and musical groups, serves as primary organist, collaborates in the writing of school chapel services, and oversees the Women’s Retreat Committee. Rachel’s passion in ministry lies in her desire to help people see themselves as part of the “big picture” in the church; within the specific realm of worship ministry, she tells her leaders and musicians that they have the unique privilege of helping the pastors proclaim God’s Word from the other side of the pulpit through their music and their acts of service. Her greatest joy comes from watching others find joy in serving the Lord. Rachel also loves to work with new church workers to help them transition into full-time ministry so that they can also share in the blessings and joys of service to God and His people. Rachel enjoys writing and hopes to publish at least one book and one piece of music in her lifetime. When she is not at church, she can be found hiking, biking, or tent-camping with friends, or enjoying a cup of coffee at her favorite coffee shop while working on the perfect ending to her first book.


2017 WLI National Conference Topic:

Workplace Connections: The Challenges and Blessings of Being a Millennial and Working with One

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