Sarah Holtan

Location: Sherwood, WI. Willing to travel 90 miles (e.g., Green Bay, Chicago), possibly fuspeaker-badge-400pxrther upon special arrangement.

Sarah Holtan is an Associate Professor of Communication at CUW. She holds a Ph.D. in Journalism Education from Marquette University, a M.S. in Education from Concordia University Wisconsin, and a B.A. in Mass Communication and Political Science from Augsburg College. She’s held a range of positions at CUW in the past 17 years: faculty, administrator, and staff. Before coming to CUW, she was a television news producer at the ABC affiliate in Milwaukee (WISN-TV, Channel 12) for four years. She lives with her two young children in Shorewood, WI. Before she had kids, she loved to read and practice yoga. Now she plays a lot of Legos and holds dance parties in her kitchen.

Holtan’s speaking style is lively and interactive. She infuses personal stories and audience feedback to create an accessible and dynamic climate. She presents a theoretical basis or framework for her topics and then walks audience members through the practical application component. Her goals are for each audience member to feel more informed, uplifted, and with at least one “take-way” nugget from her presentation. Holtan loves to share her passion for speaking, writing, and service to others, which she believes are callings.


Speaking Topics:

“Public Speaking for Christians: A Climate of NO FEAR”

Public speaking is considered the greatest fear a person can have, even greater than the fear of death. But there is a Christian imperative for using the gift of speech to faithfully serve our neighbors. Basic techniques for controlling apprehension are introduced along with practical tips for enhancing speaking skills.

“(Trying to be) A Woman of Service and Influence”

We will explore what service and influence mean and how our God-given gifts can be utilized in service to others. How do we use our gifts to further the work of the Lord? A framework for determining when to say yes and when to say no to service opportunities will be presented.

“Esther Moments: Women’s Ways of Leading”

What is leadership, exactly? And what does the research say about women’s ways of leading? What are the implications for how we serve others at work, church, and at home? Five lessons from Esther will be examined and how they could apply to you.

“Empowerment: Using God’s Gifts for His Good”

What is YOUR gift, special talent, or ability? God gives each of us at least one. Have you thought about what you are doing with your gift(s)?  Are you using it for what God intended you to use it for? The focus on this topic is recognizing your gifts and cultivating them for His work.

“Service Learning Opportunities for Teachers and other Servants of Christ”

How do teachers create authentic learning activities rooted in Christ? How can teachers get students and even themselves engaged in coursework? How can servants of Christ make a difference in their communities? The main points in this presentation include the Biblical basis for servant learning, principles of servant leadership, building curricular connections, and types and examples of service learning projects.

“Finding the Rest in Stress”

This topic is based on Psalm 23:2-3 and is framed around the following three questions: How does stress affect us and what are the ways we care for ourselves? Where do we find rest, even during stress? What does the daily walk of trust look like? This topic can be broken into two separate one-hour presentations or shortened to a one-hour presentation.

“Communication Skills and Dealing with Different Personalities”

Teams can produce great outcomes when different perspectives collaborate. However, learning how to make the most of differences may require some polished communication skills. Learn about the different types of personalities and how to maximize them via effective communication.

“Transitioning into New Roles and Creating Opportunities in Your Current Position”

This presentation explores ways to stretch yourself in your current position and being prepared for the minefields of transitioning into a new position. We will examine how to serve with a joyful, servant heart and identifying the value of mentorships.

“Facilitating Effective Meetings”

Are you tired of wasting your time in do-nothing meetings? Learn how to get work done. This practical topic focuses on the three stages of leading an effective meeting and tips for trouble- shooting common issues.

“Conflict Management, Accountability, and Discipline”

What does conflict, accountability, and discipline look like at a faith-based organization? How is it the same and how is it different from other types of organizations? Learn strategies for navigating conflict while upholding biblical principles.

“Leadership and Leadershape: Models for Study”

What is the difference between leadership and management? Are leaders born or made? What is the difference between leadership style and a leadership model? Do you know if a general or specific leadership model is used at your organization and whether they are useful to all aspects of the organization? How do leadership models inform the work that you do?

“Navigating Change: The Biggest Challenges in New Leadership Roles”

Naturally, there are many changes and challenges after transitioning into a new leadership position. Discover strategies to overcome and compensate for the challenges while maintaining a faith-centered approach.

Contact Sarah Holtan:

Phone: 262-243-4324

Articles Written by Sarah Holtan:

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