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Location: Verona, Wisconsin – Willing to travel throughout the United States and international

Amy Meyer has been happily married to Jeff for 27 years, and has been in ministry for 25. He is the lead Pastor at the Church in Madison where they have lived for the past 19 years. Previously serving in West Des Moines, Iowa and Cedarburg, WI before coming to Madison. Jeff and Amy have been blessed with 4 daughters. The two oldest are married and have 2 grandchildren, with a third on the way. Amy was on staff at the Church for 13 years as the lifeServe director, helping people discover their spiritual gifts and plug into ministry using those gifts. She also served as the lifeGroup leadership Director, (small group ministry) for the last 10 years. Now she is pursuing speaking ministry full-time. Amy also works for PLI (Pastoral Leadership Institute) with her husband to lead the Missional Leader learning community, and provide coaching for the women in the cohort. She and her husband train Pastor’s wives and lay leaders in learning to live as a missionary in their everyday lives. Amy loves being in the outdoors, walking, hiking, biking and kayaking. She also enjoy reading and learning, especially about personalities and helping people discover how God has made them and being confident in who they are.

Amy obtained her degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia in Speech Communications, and has been speaking most of her ministry (25 years) to various women’s groups: retreats, workshops, devotions. She has spoken and led training with PLI in Korea, Hong Kong, Kenya and 7 years in Ethiopia. She has spoken at the WLI Conference, for the Christian Women’s Conference at Valparaiso, and has led several different Women’s Retreats at congregations throughout the United States. She has led training sessions on coaching and leadership. Amy loves speaking to groups to inspire spiritual transformation. It is an honor to use the gift that God has given her to help others in their journey with Jesus. She finds it a delight when there is an aha, or discovery made resulting in a life that is changed. Her preferred style is interactive. Speaking and then asking questions for small group discussion and personal reflection. She uses God’s Word as the foundation from which she speaks.

Speaking Topics:

  • JOY — different than happiness: This is an interactive workshop designed with time for personal reflection and small group discussion as we discover the difference between joy and happiness. Life can be overwhelming and there are days when we think there is no reason to rejoice. What if we could experience joy in the midst of suffering?
    After attending this workshop you will be able to:

    • Identify what threatens to steal your joy
    • Gain a greater understanding of what joy is
    • Be able to search the Bible for what God says about joy
    • Develop a daily rhythm for your life that connects you to the source of joy
    • Consistently be able to choose joy in the midst of struggle
    • Uncover best practices to remind yourself and others you can have a deep settled confidence that God is in control of the details of your life. (Quote from Joseph C Aldrich in his book Meditations on the Meaning of Joy)
  • Refresh: What do you do to feel refreshed? What is it that hydrates your soul? After God created the world he took a day and dedicated it to rest. One of the 10 commandments is to “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” What does that look like?
    • During this retreat we will explore the importance of Sabbath rest and how it has gotten lost in our culture. We will learn more about the need to work from rest instead of resting from work. We will practice different ways to refresh our souls and discuss how to build regular times of Sabbath rest into our rhythms of life.
    • If you are like most people you are busy living life and trying to get through each day and can’t imagine ever pausing for rest. Different things refresh different people. Each of us is unique, and each of us need to be refreshed.
  • Friendship: Where has God placed you? Where do you live, work, play, and spend your time? God has you in those places for a reason. Do you know the people who live around you? Do you know anything about their story?
    • We will explore the simple process of cultivating those friendships. How can you be intentionally praying for your friends? What do you enjoy doing that someone could do with you? How could you serve your neighbor? Do you allow them to serve you? Who could you serve together?
    • This is a practical topic that each of us can learn more about. The truth is, we already know how to do most of these things, yet something gets in our way. We will learn together what the barriers are and how to remove them. You will have tools to use when you leave and a plan in place to live out what you have learned.

Videos of Amy Speaking:

See Amy’s website for more speaking topics.

Involvement with WLI:

National Conference Speaker

Regional Conference Speaker

Online Academy Presenter


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