Elise Arndt

Location: Troy, Michigan. Willing to travel throughout U.S.

Elise Arndt is author of A Mother’s Touch and A Mother’s Time and has been a Bible teacher, and international conference and retreat speaker for thirty five years.  Elise has presented Bible studies at events hosted by “Hearts at Home,” LCMS, LWML and numerous non-denominational conferences.  Elise develops, writes and presents Bible studies for women.  She has over 13 years of experience hosting a radio talk show and speaking on radio stations WMUZ and WUFL.

Elise’s greatest experience comes from being wife to her pastor husband of 53 years, mother to 5 and grandmother to 13 and Women’s Ministry Director at her church.  But, she has also gleaned a wealth of experience from the years she served the Ipili tribe in Papua New Guinea with her husband.  It was there she learned the deep truth of Job 42:5 which is the basis for much of her teaching.

Elise’s teaching style is in group interaction, storytelling, Powerpoint presentations and teaching.  Her passion is in encouraging women in their relationship with Jesus Christ, getting women into God’s Word and neighborhood ministry.

Elise Arndt will be the Bible Study Leader at the 2021 WLI National Conference!




Speaking Topics:

“Running on Empty” or “Beyond Superwoman” ©2016

A woman’s life is filled with the stress of career, family, volunteering and the expectations of others, leaving little time for rest and relaxation. The urgent rules, while the important sits and waits. It is this lifestyle that leads many women down the road to burnout. Is there help for today’s woman? In the midst of a world spinning out of control comes God’s call to rest.

Each session is 45 minutes and can be done without the other sessions being included.

Session 1: “Beyond Superwoman” Matthew 11:28 – Living in a fast paced world”
Today’s woman has passed through the “Superwoman Syndrome” and has escalated into realms of unconscious speeds of thinking and doing. How does this woman survive with such demands and expectations on her life? What are the Scriptural principles which God wants us to follow to get through life at such accelerated speeds?

Session 2: “Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus” Hebrews 12:2; Matthew 6:33 – Lessons from the life of Jesus.

Session 3: “The Precious Present of his Presence” Be Still and Know That I Am God” Psalm 46:10 – Quiet in the midst of chaos

“Beyond the Wave” © 2016
Most of us do not really know the people in our neighborhoods or workplace. We give a courteous wave, or say “hi” but that is the extent of getting to know them. “Beyond the Wave” uses the teaching of Jesus found in Luke 10:1-9 to teach very ordinary people how to go beyond the courteous wave and be used by the Holy Spirit to share the Good News of Jesus and to become his instrument of peace in a broken world.

Four simple principles set forth in Luke 10:1-9 to bring Christ to people living in a broken world.

Session 1 “Shalom” Luke 10:5 – Speak peace

Session 2 “Entering the lives and hearts of people. Luke 10:7-8 – Enter their home. Eat what is set before you.

Session 3 “Watching God Work As We Pray” Luke 10:9a – Heal the sick. Pray.

Session 4 ”Tell them” Luke 10:9b – Tell them – “The kingdom of God is near you.”

I Have Chosen You, Based on John 15:16
You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.

Most people desire to be chosen and esteemed sometime in their life. In a world filled with hurt, disappointment and rejection, there is comfort in knowing the beauty of His undeserving choice of us.

Session1: “God’s Choice of Us” John 15:16

Session 2: “Chosen to Be a Servant” John 13

Session 3: “Chosen to Be a Blessing” Luke 6:27ff

“A Mother’s Touch” ©1983
(Based on Elise’s book A Mother’s Touch)

Through life led among the Ipili Tribe in Papua New Guinea, Elise learned the basic principle of instinctive, intuitive mothering – mothering from the heart – something which God instills in the hearts of moms to raise emotionally and spiritually strong children.

In this session you will learn practical ways of relaying God’s love and his Word to your children through simple everyday life experiences.

“Feminine Secrets – That Will Enrich Your Marriage and Change Your Life.” © 2000
(A seven session series – Each session can stand on its own and is about 45 – 1 hr. in length)
Do you often wonder what brings longevity to a marriage and what keeps it vibrant over the years? In this session, designed for women of all ages, you will not only learn what the Bible says about this union between a man and woman, but at the same time experience life transformation in Christ and his love for you as a unique gifted woman.

1. The Building Blocks of Marriage
2. Royalty Lives Within These Castle Walls
3. Understanding Male and Female Differences
4. The Freeing Principle of Acceptance
5. Releasing Love Through Admiration
6. Appreciation and It’s Power to Expect the Best
7. Learning to Communicate Needs

“Combating Stress and Fatigue in the Ministry”

It is no secret that church workers experience fatigue, exhaustion, and stress which often leads to burnout. The demands and expectations of others can rob us of serving joyfully in ministry.

Elise Arndt shares from her heart and from God’s Word the answer to combating stress. Her experience as a missionary, pastor’s wife, mother of five children, grandmother, full-time church worker, radio personality, and author have taught her the truth of Matthew 11:28 – “Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Talks Regarding Women’s Ministry

• Encountering Discouragement
• The Woman in Church and Society
• Without a Vision The People Perish
• Building a Christ Centered Women’s Ministry
• Raising Up the Next Generation of Godly Women Leaders.


Email: elisearndt@outlook.com
Phone: 248-765-5561


God is the Writer – You are the Book

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