Karen Lippert

Location: Hartland, WI.  Willing to travel wherever the Lord leads.

Karen Lippert is the Director of Women’s Ministry in Hartland, WI.  She began her ministry as a Lutheran School teacher after graduating from Concordia, Chicago.  After having her two daughters, God led her to begin a women’s Bible study in 1991, which evolved into a ministry position.  She has spoken at numerous conferences, retreats, and events.  Her passion is connecting women to God through His Word.

She is married to her best friend, Jeff.   They are privileged to lead contemporary worship at their church.  In their free time, they love hiking in national parks and fishing on local lakes.  Their two daughters are grown and married.


“A Women’s Walk”:  The sessions will be led around the topics of :  stress, body image, insecurity, bitterness, and anxiety.  The sessions will be Biblically focused with plenty of time for personal reflection & group discussion.  This works well for a retreat.

“The Tests of Our Lives”  Life is hard.  If God is good, why does He allow pain and suffering?  This presentation will be very practical on the purpose and hope we can have during the struggles of life.

“Fear Factor”  This is a one session topic dealing with anxiety.   As women, we really struggle stop the whirlwind of our minds.  In this session, we will focus on the diagnosis and remedies for curing our worries.

“Your Husband’s Needs”   We love our husbands…but is that enough?  What does he really need from me anyway?  Karen opens up about her own surprising journey of learning how to meet her husband’s needs.  This session will include plenty of humor and helpful hints!

P.R.A.Y.:  We know that we should pray, but so often, our prayers are a laundry list of loved ones with health concerns and our daily duties.  This acronym stands for:  praise, repent, ask, and yield.   These sessions will focus on each of these aspects and time will be provided for women to practice each discipline of prayer.  This presentation works best in 4 sessions at a retreat.

Karen has participated in 3 WLI National Conferences.  In 2006, she led a session on Women’s Ministry in the local church.  In 2008, she led a plenary session on giftedness.  In 2010, she led two Bible studies on communicating with God and each other.  In 2012, she led two Bible studies on Leadership Lessons from Joseph.  She has led Bible studies at CUW yearly as well.


Videos of Karen Speaking:


Email: Karen.lippert@drlc.org
Phone: 414-530-1342


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