Soul Amnesia – We Fret When We Forget

By Karen Lippert

Soul Amnesia.  I first heard these words from author, Ann Voskamp.  These words depict what often happens to us as Christian women.  Our souls just plain forget.  We know plenty of truth about God.  For starters, we know that:

  • God is good
  • God is faithful
  • God is loving
  • God is forgiving
  • God is preparing a place for us

However, when we are blindsided by the waves of life, our souls often forget.  We receive a pink slip, divorce papers, or a diagnosis.  Our families struggle with discord and distress.  Our workplaces feel more like battlegrounds.  We get that phone call or email and life suddenly changes.  We worry.  We fret…and we forget.

Jesus’ followers also forgot. In Mark 8:31, 9:31, and 10:32-33, Jesus told His disciples that He would suffer and die in Jerusalem.  In each instance, He also shared that He would rise.  What were His followers doing after His death?  The men were hiding, and the women were fretting about who would roll away the stone for them.

Once Sunday arrived, where should they have been?  At the tomb, looking for a risen Jesus!  He told them on three different occasions that He would rise… but they forgot.  Soul Amnesia.

As we encounter the unexpected waves of life, let’s remember and focus on what we know about our God…especially in those times when Satan, the world and our flesh tempts us to forget.  The cure for soul amnesia?  Read God’s Word.  Thank Him for His character, which never changes. Then, pray with confidence that God will provide!

Karen Lippert is the Director of Women’s Ministry at Divine Redeemer in Hartland, WI.

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3 thoughts on “Soul Amnesia – We Fret When We Forget

  1. Thank you , Karen ,for these devotions. I have always enjoyed your bible studies that we used in our women”s reach group. I’m sure I will find these just as meaningful.
    Blessings, Joy

  2. Thanks for this wonderful piece of encouragement, especially at this time.
    You are a blessing to WLI and to so many more!
    Blessed Easter!

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