Stepping Out with Courage

A Letter from WLI Director, Darce Paape

“Lord, if it is you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” [Jesus] said, Matthew 14: 28-29. 

The sky grew dark as the wind picked up in strength.  Many in the boat were fishermen and quite familiar with the wind and the waves.  Until, they saw what appeared to be a ghost walking toward them on top of the water.  Now they were terrified.  Some might laugh at their mistake; that is until they also find themselves in the dark with the unfamiliar walking right toward them.

Fear can do funny things to logic.  It can transform how one sees the world.  Causing some to lock themselves in a protective layer of the familiar or lash out in defense.  For the disciples that night, they were afraid of what they could not understand, a man that could walk where others could not go.  That night, the voice of Jesus reminded them that this is exactly what a Savior does.  A Savior travels roads others cannot.  He says to them and to all who would listen, “Take, courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

The Women’s Leadership Institute is taking Jesus at His word and stepping out with courage.  We believe we have a Savior who will meet us as we step out of the boat, and we hope you will join us. In the pages of our email newsletter you will find opportunities to:

  • Register or register a friend for an Online Clifton Strengths Workshop November 6th and 7th
  • Watch our new promotional video for our Growing Together: Let Your Mentoring Skills Take Shape and receive updates on facilitator training and full launch next spring
  • Save the Date and view the lineup for the Courage for the Calling WLI National Conference with a new date of April 28-30th, 2022 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Lisle, Illinois.
  • Read an article from WLI board member, Stacy Hoeft, sharing her experience, Leading from the Kitchen Table.
  • Engage in our Back to School fundraising The goal of this fundraiser to raise scholarship funds for the WLI National Conference, Annual WLI Donna J. Streufert Women’s Leadership Award, and first annual, WLI Community Women’s Leadership Award   

Be encouraged that WLI is stepping out onto the water with eyes fixed on Jesus.  We have work to do and our purpose has never been clearer.  Join us on the journey as WLI educates, encourages, and emboldens Christian women in exemplary leadership.

In Christ Together,

WLI Director, Darcy Paape

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