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Join Susan Marshall as she discusses Confidence . In this three-part series (Confidence Defined, Confidence and Critical Thinking, and Confidence and Taking Action), Susan begins by defining what confidence is, and then helps us understand how important critical thinking is to our confidence. She finishes the presentation by motivating us to take action and build our confidence. Complete all three learning experiences with their accompanying badge assignments, and you’ll earn the Confidence – Your Greatest Asset digital badge for a flat $25!  REGISTER NOW

Susan A. Marshall is Founder of Backbone Institute, LLC, whose mission is to create a stronger, more confident future one person or team at a time. Her work spans three decades and serves a global clientele. Susan is the author of three books and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles, and she speaks to a wide range of audiences in business, academic, and non-profit industries. She has two adult daughters (who married brothers) and five granddaughters.

Join Dr. Tammy Ferry as she takes you on a journey to discover The Real You, Revealed! In this three-part series (Divine Design, Deep Discovery, and Diabolical Devices), Dr. Ferry begins by identifying ways the devil tries to steal your identity, and then takes you on a path of self-discovery that ultimately leads you to the One in whom your true identity is found. Get a Christian Speaking Badge upon completion of the courses for a flat $25!  REGISTER NOW

Dr. Tamara Ferry has invested her career in higher education. She is a “lifelong Lutheran learner” and is passionate about the value of a faith inspired university experience. Working as the Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness at Concordia University Wisconsin-Ann Arbor, Dr. Ferry sums up her main responsibility as “measuring the mission.” She has oversight for all institutional data, assessment of student learning, and accreditation initiatives. Dr. Ferry also leads Concordia’s Institutional Review Board and assists with strategic planning.

The Christian Speaking Bundle includes all three learning engagements (Basic Business, Dazzling Delivery and Passionate Presentation) plus get a Christian Speaking Badge upon completion of the courses for a flat $25!  REGISTER NOW

Sharla Fritz is a Christian author and speaker who weaves honest and humorous stories into life-changing Bible study. Author of four books including Soul SpaDivine DesignBless These Lips, and Divine Makeover, Sharla writes about God’s transforming grace. She is passionate about helping women take their next step of faith.

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The Women's Leadership Institute Academy offers affordable biblically-based, Christ-centered learning engagements in a self-paced, online environment. These learning engagements are aimed to improve, develop and maintain current leadership skills while incorporating faith into your leadership style. Anyone can participate in the Women’s Leadership Institute Academy! There are no course prerequisites, and no college experience or leadership experience needed to participate. All that is required is a computer or mobile device with internet access and speakers or headset connection capabilities.

Most learning engagements are designed to contain one (1) 30-minute video presentation that delivers content and a short quiz at the end to assess your retention of the material. The video can be watched in short clips during a 10-minute bus ride to work, over a lunch break or while dinner simmers on the stove. If you get interrupted during the assessment, simply save your answers and return later to complete your learning engagement. Some sessions also provide an assigned challenge for you to further deepen your understanding of the topic.

Material purchased is yours indefinitely; to complete and review again as new opportunities present themselves to you. These learning engagements can be purchased a la carte for $10 each or in a bundle of three for $25. The Women’s Leadership Institute Academy Badge option allows you to choose all associated courses to complete and earn a digital badge through Concordia University. How great is that? A digital badge is a shareable micro-credential linked to the university that validates your knowledge or skill. Badges can be collected in a “backpack” to showcase your competency and boost your resume or LinkedIn profile. Perfect for that promotion you are working towards or that new life challenge you are facing.

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Have you heard about Digital Badges? Concordia University Online is offering students a new opportunity to grow, learn, and live out their personal calling. You’re first probably wondering what these badges are all about. A digital badge is a shareable micro-credential that validates your accomplishment, skill, quality, or interest in various learning environments. It includes meta-data such as the description of the badge, who issued it, and the criteria required to receive it. You can earn a collection of badges in a variety of fields to demonstrate your expertise across disciplines.

Payment for these engagements is done easily online through PayPal. For more information about these amazing learning prospects or other opportunities to connect with WLI, please contact the Women’s Leadership Institute Academy at

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