Celebrating 10 Years of Intergen: Women Mentoring Women

The idea ignited at a WLI conference over twelve years ago.  A group of young women wanted to ask questions of some of the more seasoned and experienced women present.  Lois Giordano and Bonnie Treloar were directors at the time. The young women asked questions about work, family, marriage. There was no question off the table.   These young women wanted older women to mentor them.  But, they were not the only ones.  With the world changing as rapidly as it is, the more seasoned women also wanted to hear from their young counterparts.   How can I talk with my teenager? What is good and not good about cell phones? How is your faith shaping you?  That night the group talked for hours and more women joined and the conversation evolved.  It has become a time-honored tradition at every conference since.  One evening, the women gather and they ask open-ended questions of one another, sharing stories, faith, and laughter.

This tradition carried on at Concordia Wisconsin in the form of Intergen: Women Mentoring Women.  A student leader joins an adult representative from CUW and WLI to coordinate a few offerings a year.  Events are planned as gathering times for women of all ages to connect and support one another.  Intergen has hosted bible studies, brunches, great speakers, and annual open question events.  Over the last few years, hundreds of women have tuned in over Zoom for conversations around a variety of topics.

What started the courage of five young women reaching out has become eleven years of effort to connect and build one another up.  Please join us to continue fostering intergenerational relationships Better yet, start one at your own church and tell WLI about it!  Let’s be courageous, like our young women friends who reached out to us.  Vanessa, Bethany, Julianne, Rachel, and Michelle you know who you are! Reach out and ask to build relationships that educate, encourage, and embolden one another together in Christ.

Join us!  Intergen 2022

March, 2022

Look for a very special Zoom Connect opportunity with a special guest.  Details to come soon, make sure you are signed up for the WLI newsletter.  Save our address to your contacts so we do not end up in the dreaded SPAM folder.  We will send you an update!

April 21-23rd, 2022

Learn more about Intergen at the WLI’s Courage for the Calling National Conference in Lisle, IL.  Intergen will have a special Coffee and Connect time on the Friday evening of the conference.

May 1, 2022

Intergen is hosting a Cake and Conversation event at First Immanuel Lutheran Cedarburg Sunday, May 1st at 3 p.m. 

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