Brenda Jank

Purposeful, passionate, and compelled by God’s Word, Brenda is a catalyst for personal and organizational change. High energy and story driven, Brenda equips people to create a biblical culture of work, rest and rhythm for those they lead, love, and serve. Founder of Run Hard. Rest Well., Brenda speaks from coast to coast and is a subject matter expert on Restorative Wellness. Outnumbered and outwitted, Brenda and her husband, Tim, lay claim to five of the finest, feistiest children ever assembled under one roof.  They live in northeast Indiana where Tim has been the Executive Director of Camp Lutherhaven for 27 years. Learn more about RHRW at



2022 WLI National Conference Workshop:

A Rest That Works

“Run Hard. Rest Well.” is the new battle cry of believers whose hearts are set on fire. A Rest That Works makes rest simple and strategic because God made it sacred, and through it, He fuels His best work in us and through us. Vibrancy transpires in churches, ministries, and organizations when people run with passion and rest on purpose – routinely refueled, refreshed, and replenished. Too many have grown accustomed to running on empty, forfeiting their best self and shortchanging those they lead, love, and serve.  A Rest That Works introduces biblical, no cost, high-yield restorative rhythms that equip God’s people to navigate 24/7 from a place of strength, transformation, and joy.

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