Catherine Duerr

Catherine Duerr is the author of four books, including two devotionals, Hold Me Tightly and Holding Hands. She’s written God’s Secret Agents, a secret code book of Bible verses. And her latest book is a Bible study, Wherever Love May Lead; Your Place in God’s Plan. This Bible study helps the reader to explore her vocations and learn how God has called her.


2022 WLI National Conference Workshop:

The Second Greatest Commandment: Exploring our Vocations

God has called you, to love your neighbor, to love His people. THIS is our vocation. God has not left us to figure this out on our own. He provides us with the abilities, opportunities and power to execute His will. Join us as we learn how God empowers us to live out our vocations. We will draw inspiration from Bible greats like Paul, Gideon and Bezalel. We also will be encouraged by ordinary folks like George, Bill and Margie. And we will even put our love into action in this workshop.

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