Dr. Patricia Braun

Patricia (“Pat”) Braun lives in Aurora, Illinois with her husband, Dr. James {“Jim”) Braun, a retired counselor, educator, and coach.  They have four grown children across the United States, and nine wonderful grandchildren.

Pat has been a nurse for 44 years, an Advanced Practice nurse (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner) for 27 years.   She has a BS in Nursing, MA in Education, MSN in Nursing, and Doctorate in Nursing.   She also is certified as a Mental/Behavior specialist for individuals thru 21 years of age.   Pat loves all aspects and ages of individuals encountered in Nursing but has focused her career in Pediatrics.  She has worked in a variety of settings including NICU, PICU, Hospice, ER, Public Health and Community, School Health and general Pediatrics.   She has taught undergraduate and graduate students in Universities (Loyola, Northern Illinois) in Illinois and Minnesota (St Mary’s).  She enjoys preparing “the next generation of Nurses” and the classroom as well as practice.   She has practiced in rural, suburban, and city environments and in both community as well as University Medical center hospital settings.   Her subspecialty is Neurology, Neurosurgery.

Currently Pat is working with the Chicagoland Lutheran Education Foundation.  The Foundation supports 23 inner city Lutheran schools (Grades 1-8) and one Lutheran High school.  Pat coordinates the often-wide array of needs and Health and Wellness activities and concerns in the schools and travels between them.   One of the most fun and needed activities was the development of the Super Hero Wellness Program which educates students, parent(s), and staff on good Health Habits and provides Wellness activities to impoverished, low income families.

Missionary trips are a very favorite activity for Pat.   She has traveled to Bethlehem and Jerusalem in  Israel and El Salvadore to serve.   She enjoys sharing God’s word and working with children, families, and other professionals in service to others.    In her spare time Pat loves to play with her family and grandchildren, read, sew, and reach out to others in service activities thru her church or community.   Playing and enjoying piano in childhood she still loves to play favorite hymns and she recently started violin lessons.


2022 WLI National Conference Workshop:

SHINE BRIGHT: Turning on the Light through Skills and Faith

This breakout session will focus on skills and faith development to reach out to others in underserved communities.   Examples of experiences and skills learned and faith developed to reach others in different ethnic cultures such as in an inner city school environment as well as schools internationally will be shared and promoted to “Shine Bright” in serving those in  need and their communities.

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